Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Activity Groups

Group One
Derry McConnell C
Taro Rielly B
Dan Proudfoot A
Ben McCluskey B
Katie Orr C
Lucia Montgomery A
Holly Bruce A
Ayesha Mustafa C
Evie Maxwell B

Group 2
Bruno Armitage A
Lewis Rough A
Callum Newby A
Robbie Westwater C
Danny Carson Sangster B
Eva Spence B
Ivy Sheiffler Fancey C
Phoebe Nelson C

Group Three
Charlie Henderson A
Umar Shahid A
Oscar Elphinstone A
Alex Strassberg C
Beau Davidson B
Lorna Brockbank B
Sophie O'Riordan-Holzmann B
Sophiya Kustatcher B
Jenny Carruthers C
Jemima Harrison A

Group 4
Robert Wright C
Vishal Rao C
James Beeston A
Robbie Galloway B
Angus Crawford B
Tom Ireland B
Shakira Shanley A
Anna Swan B
Aysha Arshad B
Lucy Adair A

Group 5
Nazim Hamadouchi C
Akilan Ganeshram B
Ailsa McAleavey A
Eloisa Frame B
Megan Wynne B
Automne Mackay C
Abi Hossell B
Ella Ferguson B
Ruby Shanks C

Group 6
Oliver Grothey B
William Petrie B
DeeJay Clarke C
Brad Waddell B
Siera Simran A
Simran Aujia A
Maisie Grahame C
Meg Arnott B
David Townsley A

Group Seven
Ty McDonald  C
William Belkebir A
Lewis O'Brien B
Ewan Forsyth B
Iona Mackinlay-Vich C
Bea Winkler A
Angelita Tranor McCann A
Lily Li A
Ciara O'Neill C
Kim Zou C

Group Eight
Drew Forsyth C
John Dabos Doukas A
Elias Kefi C
Aryan  B
Lily MacQueenie B
Grace Halliday B
Kirsty Noble A
Michelle A
Ruby Morgan A
Amy Russell B

Group Nine
Calum Stark C
Patrick Galloway A
Dylan Elphinstone C
Reda Hamadouchi C
Isla Weir B
Ruby Scott A
Emma Roddie C
Tea Dhillon C
Alex Shen A


  1. Hi dee-jay how are you hope your doing well in group 6 have fun and hi to all the others there in Benmore in school were having our burns supper but its not as good as gorge walking,climbing.......
    From Eden
    P.s have fun and don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright...

  2. Hope you like your groups

    Mieke and Emily

  3. Loving all the updates on the groups and kids all looking like they having fun but there no updates for group 6? Are they having a good time? Hoping Meg taking part in her group 6. Want to see some pics lol.
    Meghans mum.

  4. Hi to Dee- jay from all the family love you loads and miss you and we're all fine have fun and make the teachers put up pics of you and your group
    Posted by Eden
    Love from every one at home
    P.S send a postcard xxxxxxxx

  5. Hi to Dee-jay from all the people back home hope your having fun and remember to send a postcard and don't worry cause we're all fine and get the teachers to put mor photos up of you and your group
    Love from all the family xxxxxx
    Posted by Eden

  6. Hi to Brad - hope you are having a great time with all of your friends. Did you get your letter? We love and miss you. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday but have lots of fun before then.
    Love Mum, Dad & Erin xxxx
    Would be great to see some pictures of Group 6 - I'm sure they are not camera shy!