Friday, 8 February 2013

Group Four Climbing and Abseiling

Wow! What a brilliant, encouraging team in Group Four. Robbie G was the only one who had climbed and abseiled before and Vishal, Shakira, Ayesha Arshad and Lucy had neither climbed nor abseiled before but under Instructor Graeme's expert tutelage every single member of the group did the practice abseil and climbs on the indoor climbing wall then progressed to the quarry. Many thanks to Headteacher Andy and Instructor Scrutz who helped everyone to have a turn without having to wait very long wait. Angus said it was great fun and he was quick because he had lots of experience. Shakira thought it was scary but loved it. Anna thought it was scary but was such a good help to Ayesha giving her instructions to help her scramble up the cliff face succ

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