Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Group One Gorge Walk

On Tuesday afternoon Ms Gallagher was impressed with Group One's team work and sense of fun navigating the gorge. A fallen tree made an ideal natural adventure playground for Derry and Taro. Derry made it through the Keyhole, with a helpful yank up from Instructor Angela. Lots of others tried - and Ben made a particularly valiant effort - but the water pressure was so strong that it was much easier to climb up a log to carry on up the gorge. Lucia was nimble and foot sure scaling the waterfall using a rope, as were Katie and Holly. Dan was such a great team player, helping everyone along and passing back instructions. As always, he was smiling and on good form, even after slipping into the plunge pool. Ayesha and Evie were a little reluctant to join in at first in the final waterslide but were persuaded and thought it was great fun. What a magnificent group - wonderful company.

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